Our story

Beni Collective is a small collaborative between my elder brother and me.

I had a flourishing career in advertising at a global agency, followed by a great role in brand marketing with one of India's leading financial companies. But a dream to create something of my own took priority over everything else. I'm currently shuttling between a big city of dreams and a small city of hopes, on a weekly basis to make magic happen.

On the other hand, my elder brother has an extensive knowledge of industrial motor parts, owing to his hands-on experience in the past. He currently runs his own business of iron and steel materials, yet works double shifts to help us run Beni Collective smoothly. 

Our curiosity to experiment with various materials available around, has motivated us to create Beni Collective. Most of what you see in our store has been handcrafted by us. And when we say 'handcrafted', every small bit has been designed and worked upon by us. We don't like to enjoy the luxury of air-conditioned cabins, you will find us on the floor with rolled up sleeves, dirty hands, and a big smile.

We design, experiment and fail on everyday basis, and in the process, we have created few adornments. We enjoy and love what we do in this business, and we wish to continue doing this with as much passion, as we carry today.

Go ahead and choose your favorite adornments for your home and workplace, and we will aim to make sure it's for keeps.



If you have any interesting ideas and would like to share or collaborate, do say hello at hello@benicollective.com